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Judging in Festival Scores
Reminder to Judges - All assigned scoring work must be finished on or before the judging end date. Contact Festival Scores if you need assistance with accessing a judging profile.
Judge profiles are specific to each Audition Event, as identified by the Event Tag. Profiles are created by the organizer.

Participating Directors who are Judges
If you are a Participating Director in the event you are judging (ie, activated Event Tag), check your Director account for a Judging button in the Audition Events screen. An individual director can be assigned as a judge to more than one event.

Invited Judges
Judges who are not Participating Directors must login here.

Introducing FestivalAuditions.com, a site for managing score tabulation at live auditions. Test drive admin accounts are available now while the site is being completed. If you are an ensemble chair for a live auditioned honor group, fill out our Contact form for more info.
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